I feel Healthy-Healthy-Healthy Inside and Out. Through the program I got Knowledge, Guidance, Support, Encouragement, and repeat on nutrition, exercise, soul balance. Her approach is glowing, positive, charismatic! Amie was always available, always ready.
— Denny D., MA
Working with Amie has been life changing.
The program has taught me how to eat the right way not only for weight loss but to be healthier and feel better overall.
I have been able to lose weight, start to feel good about myself, inside and out. Now I look at food in a totally different way.
— Anne L., MA
Amie not only inspired me to start running again after several years without doing it, but also pushed me to dream big about the sport: she encouraged me to work towards running a half marathon!; and after endless hours of hard work and unconditional help from her, I fulfilled my dream of running 13.1 miles under the 2 hour mark, in my beloved city of Buenos Aires in Argentina. I continue working with Amie to achieve even bigger dreams in the future! Thank you Coach!
— Adriana B., MA