Setting Goals

Going into the new year, everyone begins to think about what he or she wants to accomplish over the next 12 months.  While I am a huge fan of self-improvement, I am not a huge fan of “new year’s resolutions.”  I have found that the majority of New Year’s resolutions (although made with the best intentions) often end up making people discouraged and miserable.  Why is that?  It boils down to one of two reasons: 

1)    Your goal was not achievable.  It was either way too aggressive, or way too vague, or you did not put together an actionable plan mapping out how to achieve your goal.

2)   Your goal required a massive change in your lifestyle or routine… which isn’t necessarily the problem.  The problem is that most people are usually super excited about the prospect of a “new and improved self” and try to implement all of the changes they believe they need to make to reach their goal overnight instead of taking a phased approach.  As a result, they either end up burning themselves out or get discouraged when the results do not happen as quickly as they believe they should. 

Sound familiar?  Although I genuinely hope the answer is a resounding “no”, very few people actually manage to keep New Year’s resolutions.   Research shows that an astounding 88% of people fail to keep or meet their resolutions, meaning you would have better odds going to Vegas and betting it all on black.  So how do you beat the odds when they are clearly stacked against you?  Glad you asked!

If your goals are related to health/ wellness/ fitness, which most are…(>72%) Consult a professional (Health Coach, Trainer, Fitness Coach).  They can help you set parameters and establish a baseline for you to build from.  The great news is that most consultations are free.  If you do decide to keep working with that professional after the initial consultation, make sure that it is a good fit for you and your personality.  Their primary goal is to help you meet your goal by developing a plan for you, push you out of your comfort zone while supporting you, and most importantly keep you accountable. 

Why should you consult a professional?  Because being healthy is about more than the food we eat and the exercise we do.  Everything you do impacts your health; from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed.  No two people are created the same; therefore no two people should approach health and wellness the same.  A Health Coach or fitness professional can help guide you through a customized plan to meet your goals. 

If your goals are around personal growth, you may want to consult with a Life Coach or Consoler.  While family and friends can be a great sounding board, they are not trained in the area.  Life Coaches and Consolers take a more pragmatic approach and will provide you with the tools to help you discover roadblocks you may have, and techniques to overcome them to achieve your desired goal. 

Whatever your goal is for 2018, know that you can do it, and you do not have to do it alone!  Go be amazing!